Join the Committee

It’s that time of year when we really need to recruit a few new committee members. I know the word “committee” can be off-putting but we are really just a bunch of mums, dads, grandma’s, grandads, aunts and uncles etc who have a little bit of time to give to the preschool.

This year, a number of us will be leaving as our children move on to big school and we are ready to move on too.

You may be wondering how much time you would need. The answer really is as much as you are able to give. We have a committee meeting every 6-8 weeks and there are emails, informal chats and the odd phone call too. Of course, the more members we have, the easier it is.

Ofsted stipulate that a preschool must have a committee of at least 6 members. Without a committee, they would close us down so it is quite crucial that we bring in some new members from amongst you, the ‘new generation’ of parents.

So please have a think about whether you can help. It is really down to the parents to ensure the preschool survives. We’ve had such a successful year in terms of our numbers, staffing, grants and fund-raising and I would love to see that continue.

One thing I can assure you is that there are some lovely staff and parents/carers at this preschool and this is a brilliant way to get to know them, especially as many of us will come in to contact with each other over the years as our children progress through school.